Are you tired easily after a few swims? The reason is as follows

Often hear some swimmers will have such a question, why swimming is so easy to tired? Running on the road can run 10 kilometers, the result of a few strokes in the water out of breath, feel that swimming is too tired, not suitable for them, so it is easy to give up. So why is swimming so tiring? Let Xiaobian tell you the reason.

The body is short of oxygen

First of all, we need to know that this situation is not really caused by physical fatigue, but by insufficient oxygen supply, that is, your breathing is not in place. No matter what kind of swimming posture you are swimming, breathing is difficult. When you are swimming, you can’t simply breathe. Instead, you should breathe smoothly, easily and rhythmically.

Not enough oxygen

In fact, from the videos of many excellent swimmers in the water, we can find that no matter which stroke they are swimming in, they will have a long string of bubbles behind their nose underwater, which shows that they keep exhaling underwater, exhale all the exhaust gas when they come out of the water, and then quickly switch to inhale. Only in this way can we provide enough oxygen for swimming.

It’s important to have a good breathing position in swimming

At the same time, a good swimming breathing posture can make you swim more smoothly and breathe more naturally, so we should also pay attention to your swimming movements when practicing breathing, because it directly affects your breathing efficiency and rhythm.

So, don’t complain that swimming is so easy to get tired. Learn to breathe rhythmically in the process of swimming and adjust your breathing posture. You will have a more pleasant experience in the swimming pool, just like a fish!