Dry goods: learn to swim in the pool without any preparation? Don’t worry, go after it!

Many people go to the swimming pool without preparation, and most of them just find a coach. However, there are still not enough regular coaches on the market. Many coaches will go to the swimming pool directly as soon as they receive the students’ breaststroke legs, floating board and swimming pool. We are also used to this kind of swimming teaching method, because it is fast, the beginner is satisfied, the coach is satisfied, and everyone is happy. In fact, for those who want to learn swimming and those who are already learning to swim, they still need to know something before swimming.

1、 Learn something about swimming before you learn to swim

Before learning to swim, you can learn something about swimming. Swimming is not what you see from the water, because many of the key action details of swimming are underwater, and you can’t see the underwater action details on the water, such as freestyle legs and frog legs. Even if you see the backstroker waving, you don’t know how the trunk and legs match, because these are underwater, and you can’t see them.

In addition, there are a lot of swimming knowledge that we need to know before swimming, such as the pressure after going into the water, warm up before going into the water, don’t dive, don’t run and jump on the edge of the wet pool, don’t get too full into the water, don’t go into the water after drinking, and so on.

2、 It’s best to learn to tread water and water-based first

It’s not impossible to learn breaststroke as soon as you come up, but it’s not in line with the learning rules of swimming, which is a skill of daily life. You should know that the adaptation to the new environment starts from observation, then produces self-protection instinct, and finally is skill learning. The underwater environment is the same. If you are anxious to learn to hold the frog’s legs after going into the water, your self-protection ability may not be so strong in the end.

In fact, it is suggested that you first adapt to the water environment after you enter the water, and arrange several classes of adaptive exercises. For example, you should first adapt to the water pressure, then adapt to the exhalation in the water and the inhalation on the water, and then try to practice picking up things under the water, try to learn the simple treading on the water, and try to do the water feeling exercises to adapt to the deep water. At this time, although you can’t swim anything, but you have a certain sense of water. It can be said that you have already started swimming.

3、 After learning freestyle, you can learn all kinds of skills

There are many arguments at home and abroad about what stroke to learn first, whether to learn breaststroke or freestyle. Generally, we all learn breaststroke first. In fact, learning freestyle first has many advantages, but the learning cycle of freestyle is long and difficult, so many people will only learn breaststroke after they finish learning breaststroke.

Breaststroke is the most basic swimming style, easy to learn, breaststroke is also one of the most direct swimming styles from practice. But freestyle is not. In other words, if you swim in the water often, breaststroke or similar breaststroke will come naturally. Freestyle is not. You need to learn, but if you learn freestyle, you can learn breaststroke again. Maybe you can do it in a few classes. It’s easier to learn backstroke after you finish freestyle.

4、 The best way to find a coach is to find a professional

Nowadays, swimming, especially folk swimming, has no standard requirements for coaches. Generally, a lifeguard card can be a coach. It’s not easy to find a coach card. However, many coaches don’t even have lifeguard cards. It is suggested that you can find a professional swimming coach, and at least find a coach with a lifeguard certificate. Because only those who have received formal training can know how to correct the students’ non-standard actions, and how the instructors can prevent the students from being hurt by the non-standard actions

5、 Learn to swim happily

To study, we must be happy. Chairman Mao is the most insightful old man. He put forward the idea of learning and playing, as well as swimming. For beginners, hard work is not the best way to learn, and happy swimming is the most important. For many coaches, they understand this truth, the previous courses will be full of entertainment, happy to lead in, beginners love swimming, and some beginners bland straight to the theme, two different teaching methods, for beginners behind the swimming career influence is very different.