How is it possible that a 10 square meter infinity pool has so many functions?

It’s cool in autumn. Compared with the steamer like high temperature in summer, the weather in most areas is still more than ten or twenty degrees, and the climate is more pleasant. Like swimming friends, can take this opportunity to exercise.

Although avoiding the peak of summer crowds, there is no need to worry about the crowded situation of “dumplings” in the swimming pool, there are always some people urinating, spitting, and even carrying infectious diseases into the pool, which makes the water quality difficult to be guaranteed. In addition to the noisy environment of the public swimming pool, some local tyrants tend to prefer to build a swimming pool at home and enjoy swimming at ease, regardless of the crowd.
However, due to various restrictions, most of the private swimming pools can’t be built very large. They can’t enjoy swimming without swimming a few times!
There is a bed size, called multi-functional counter current infinity swimming pool, so that you can find it at home, just like being in the sea. Let you never swim to the end at the same time, but also spa water bath entertainment multi-functional use, to meet you through swimming to exercise, strong body, body shaping and edify sentiment, relax the body and mind needs.

You ask, how is that possible?

First of all, the pool has a laminar flow propeller, which can make the water flow in a directional layer. As long as you swim against the current, you can’t swim to the end. The principle is the same as treadmill

The laminar flow propeller has the magical function of self circulation water absorption and water spraying.
In order to make the counter current water speed stable and meet the swimming posture and speed of different swimmers, there are nine different speed gears to adjust. You can choose the appropriate water speed according to your own needs.

For example: adjust to the small current, learn to guess the skills of swimming; High level swimmers can improve their swimming speed, strength and endurance by adjusting the current gear. Even children can swim. Different water velocity can achieve different purposes and effects.
In addition, the swimming pool, which covers an area of only 10 square meters, is actually a swimming pool integrating swimming and dream spa. In addition to let you swim soundly, but also let you enjoy the spa bath function.

The “water column” full of bubbles massages all parts to completely relax the tired muscle tissue. After swimming, you can press a massage comfortably. Family you swim to me massage, think about this picture feel very enjoy it!

For friends who like swimming at night, how can they get less warm, romantic and dreamy lighting effect? These good wishes, boundless swimming pool can help you realize, bring different visual effects to you swimming at night.

Unexpectedly, the boundless pool with only 10 square meters has so many functions!

Do you like it very much?

Move the infinity swimming pool home, put the garden, indoor and balcony
You can put it where you want, and you can say goodbye to the mess of the public swimming pool.