How to Build an Above-Ground Rectangular Pool

Advantages and precautions of Rectangular Pool: Swimming fitness is a sport that many people like in summer. It has many benefits such as beauty, weight loss, enhancement of cardiopulmonary function, and improvement of body function.

  • Quick set swimming pool
  • Made of galvanized steel pipe
  • First-class environmentally friendly PVC mesh fabric
  • It has the advantages of explosion-proof, strong supporting force and anti-aging
  • The pool body is made of PVC 3-layer sandwich net
  • It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, tear resistance and strong bearing capacity

In terms of water purification, the stent pool also has a great advantage. Using the matching sand tank water pump equipment, the water quality purification treatment is carried out through the uninterrupted water circulation filtration system, the whole pool water can be filtered in a few hours, and the manual cleaning can be carried out during the non-opening hours, so that the water can not be changed during the peak season.
It is more cost-effective than traditional swimming pools that require frequent water replacement. Daily use and easy maintenance save swimming pool maintenance costs.

Rectangular Set Above Ground Pool construction method:

  1. First, clean the area where the swimming pool is to be laid, and lay a piece of cloth underneath the swimming pool cloth to be spread, and then reserve a seat for the support according to the venue and spread the swimming cloth.
  2.  Check the two ends of the cloth threading rod for burrs or dirt. After finishing, first insert the cloth threading rod from the corresponding two sides of the swimming cloth, and connect the hole of the cloth threading rod to the swimming cloth. The hole corresponds.
  3. Connect the bracket to the cloth on the swimming cloth, and insert the corresponding one by one, and then insert the bracket into the hole of the cloth threading rod.
  4. Push the cloth rod to erect the supports on both sides.
  5. Then wear the cloth rods on the other two sides, and plug them in one by one. After matching the holes of the cloth-threading rod with the holes of the swimming cloth, connect the brackets one by one with the cloth on the swimming cloth. After the corresponding ones are inserted one by one, first support the brackets at both ends of the cloth. Push the rod as far as possible into the pool, and then insert the remaining brackets into the holes of the cloth rod.
  6. Push the cloth-piercing rod to erect the brackets on the other two sides.
  7.  Adjust the position of each side bracket, but pay attention to the bracket not to be detached from the cloth threading rod hole when adjusting the position of the bracket, so as to cause unnecessary trouble. Finally, the elbow is plugged in, and the swimming pool is installed.
  8. Connect the water treatment system and install the swimming pool ladder.