How to clean the pool? What are the swimming pool cleaning methods?

In the hot summer, a swim in the swimming pool is definitely a good choice, but is the swimming pool clean? This is a problem that many people are concerned about. Let’s make an in-depth analysis of the swimming pool cleaning work to help pool managers solve some questions, and let everyone reduce their worries in this regard.

How to clean the swimming pool-swimming pool cleaning trilogy 1. Obtain the required water quality by removing some or all of the impurities in the swimming pool water: generally through physical means to remove the visible suspended solids in the swimming pool water, generally with circulating filtration and dirt absorption. Pool cleaning is a very important task for swimming pool cleaning. The daily swimming pool cleaning is achieved by circulating water, but circulating filtration cannot filter out tiny particles. At this time, we need to first sink suspended particles to the bottom of the pool, and then use The dirt suction machine performs dirt suction operation on it. 2. To obtain the required water quality by adding new ingredients to the pool water: If the requirement for the residual chlorine content in the water is achieved by adding a swimming pool disinfectant (trichloroisocyanuric acid), the pH value is controlled by adding tablets Alkali or sodium carbonate to achieve. And put in an algicide to eliminate algae in the water. These tasks are mainly achieved by chemical means-dosing of medicaments. 3. As mentioned earlier, the sewage suction machine needs to do sedimentation: first add water treatment reagents, and then use physical means to obtain the required water quality. When the swimming pool water is not able to achieve the target effect through the circulation or the pollution absorption, the clarifying agent must be put in first, and after the alum blooms and precipitates, the sewage suction machine is used to absorb the pollution; or the clean water clarifying agent is put in, and only after the addition is added Need to open the circulating filter equipment to filter.

Swimming pool cleaning

How to clean the swimming pool-install circulating water purification and disinfection equipment.

The water quality circulation purification and disinfection equipment of swimming places should be kept complete and intact, and a regular inspection and maintenance system should be established. Regular inspection, maintenance and repair should be done and records should be kept. If problems are discovered, they should be checked and repaired in time, and emergency measures should be taken in the event of a failure to ensure the normal operation of various facilities and equipment and keep them in good condition. The selection of circulating water purification and disinfection equipment should meet the following requirements: the equipment is simple, safe and reliable, and easy to operate and maintain; the metering device is accurate and flexible and adjustable; the dosing system can be automatically controlled and is safe and reliable.

At least one set of standby is provided for the chlorination machine. The chlorination machine should have a stable and uninterrupted water source. The operation and stop of the chlorination machine should be interlocked with the operation and stop of the circulating water pump.

This is the end of the introduction to the cleaning method of the swimming pool. In fact, as long as the swimming pool staff cleans carefully, the swimming pool is very clean. However, some businesses are irresponsible. In order to gain benefits, they don’t pay much attention to the cleaning of the swimming pool. In fact, this is an act of forgetting their roots. The editor also hopes that everyone can take a comfortable swim, so I will mention it here. ‍‍‍‍