It’s a very practical method. How to maintain the swimming pool?

It’s hot in midsummer and hot weather is broadcast all over the country. When we go out, we are all “Acquaintances” in a short time. On such a hot day, except that we don’t want to go out, would it be great if we could soak in the swimming pool—— So the swimming pool in the swimming pool ushered in a hot scene.

For the swimming pool of the swimming pool, besides the health management, the management of the swimming pool itself is also an important content. Because the maintenance and repair of swimming pool is a measure to save money, prolong the service life of swimming pool and ensure the safety of swimmers. If we neglect the maintenance for a long time, it will not only cause a great waste of water, but also directly affect the normal use of the pipeline because of its failure.

1. The maintenance personnel shall have a comprehensive understanding of the water supply and drainage pipelines in charge of maintenance, such as the direction of each pipeline and the position of each control valve (including the valve well and each control valve set on the ground), so as to facilitate the normal maintenance work.

2. For the water supply and drainage pipes in charge of maintenance, the maintenance personnel should always pay attention to check whether the upper and lower wellhead (including valve well and lower well) are tightly sealed, so as to prevent debris from falling into the well and causing trouble to the maintenance work. Pay attention to the floor, wall, ground and other abnormal phenomena such as dripping, swimming, ponding, etc. if there is leakage of the pipeline, it should be repaired in time to prevent damage to the building and environmental sanitation.

3. Toilets and gargle rooms are places where sanitary facilities are relatively concentrated and pipes are arranged vertically and horizontally. They should be the focus of inspection and should be inspected, repaired and maintained frequently.

4. The exposed pipeline shall be inspected and coated with anti-corrosion coating regularly to prolong the service life of the pipeline.

5. For the general control valve, the opening and closing test and inspection should be carried out frequently to prevent it from not opening or closing tightly when it is used