Quickly Set up an Above-Ground Swimming Pool

Above-ground swimming pool is suitable for family outdoor entertainment, and it is economical and quick set. Enjoy the fun of the summer swimming pool.

  • No need to spend three months to create a swimming pool
  • Quickly fill the above ground swimming pool with water
  • The cost of an above-ground swimming pool is much less than that of an underground swimming pool

Above-ground swimming pools come in three major types: inflatable, metal or resin frame, and rigid wall.

  • Inflatable pool is the fastest to build and the least effort-saving.
  • Metal or Resin Frame Pools are more stable than inflatable pools and can last longer.
  • Rigid wall pools are the most expensive above-ground pool but the most durable, too.
Swimming pool in the backyard
Choose a relatively flat terrain for the pool, balance is very important.
Find the right time to install the pool.
Ground swimming pool should be dry, clean and free of stagnant water.
Ground of the ground swimming pool should not be frozen.

Install a GFCI outlett on the side of the house and close to your pool.Install the Electrical Connection

Rigid Wall Pools

The key to successful rigid wall pool installation is the leveling of the bottom ring. Spacing blocks, usually included in the package, fit under the ring to help level it. The curved rigid walls fit into the ring, with upright posts providing further support. The pool liner holds water only; it does not provide support.

Framed Pools

With metal or resin frame pools, the pool liner and the outer framework both contribute support. Rectangular framed pools tend to have buttresses that create a stable angle, running from the ground to the top rim of the pool.

Install the Filter

Most above-ground pools come complete with pumps and filters. Attach the hoses from the pump to the side of the pool. Then, plug the pump into the GFCI outlet and test the pump.

Fill the Pool With Water

Fill the pool from your garden hose. Most above-ground pools take hours or even a full day to fill. At an average garden hose rate of 12 gallons per minute (GPM), even a small, 12-foot pool with a 48-inch depth will take just over four hours to fill. A 27-foot round pool will take nearly 21 hours to fill.


  • Wind is difficult to deal with when assembling an above-ground pool. When the pool is full of water, its sides will be rigid. But prior to that, wind can blow the sides in.
  • Please always put up on a hard smooth surface, no sharp items underneath.It keeps the bottom stretched mostly flat, avoid tears caused by sharp items and likely prevents dog nails catching it and maybe causing a tear.