Scaffolding swimming pool — the “mobile swimming pool” at home

Swimming has always been our favorite fitness and entertainment. Whether it’s the small pond in front of our home as a child or the multi-functional swimming pool now, our love for swimming has not changed our original intention.
But every summer, the natatorium ushers in their golden business season. What is overcrowded, what services are not in place, what water quality is not changed are common things. This has caused a lot of people to swim, no underground foot embarrassing situation. At this time, the mobile swimming equipment of the bracket swimming pool is very popular with friends.
Bracket swimming pool is a kind of mobile swimming pool, which is convenient to move, flexible to operate and easy to use. It not only provides more convenient places for people who like swimming, but also brings good news for people who want to invest in swimming pools.

1、 Easy to install

Stent swimming pool is composed of stent tube and PVC fabric, and the simple combination of the two is a stent pool. Compared with the conventional infrastructure, the construction period of the swimming pool is shorter, and it can be completed in three or five working days. It is easy to install and disassemble.

2、 Moving fast

Folding movable “body”, can be moved to more popular places. For example: temple fairs, parks, residential areas and so on, so that children do not have to go far to enjoy swimming in the pool, like the door of the mobile swimming pool.

3、 Low maintenance cost

The maintenance of the support pool is reflected in two aspects, the maintenance of the steel frame and the maintenance of the PVC cloth. Wipe the steel frame with wet cloth frequently to keep it clean and prevent the steel frame from falling paint and rusting; The maintenance of PVC fabric is reflected in the daily water treatment and circulation system to keep the water clean.
The bracket swimming pool is simple, convenient, economical and practical, which makes swimming more pure and happy.