Swimming has so many advantages

Swimming fitness let more and more people accept, there are more and more people to join the swimming, whether it is outdoor or swimming pool, as long as you pay attention, you will find! Why do things turn out like this? The main benefit is that swimming can avoid the damage to human joints caused by regular exercise, and it is suitable for all ages. Swimming does not need many professional facilities, a piece of clear water is enough. Perhaps speaking of the benefits of swimming, many people can list a few out, but the title said people smart, perhaps not many people think of it! How many little-known health benefits does swimming have?

1、 Swimming can improve the flexibility of the body

Swimming requires people to stretch, curl up, turn around, pull water and so on in the water, and their feet act as fins to generate forward propulsion by pedaling. In the process of rowing, repeated stretching movements can help improve the flexibility and flexibility of the body. Therefore, office workers who often sit in the office and elderly people with joint diseases might as well try swimming.

2、 Swimming can help you burn fat and lose weight

Everyone knows that swimming can lose weight, but do you know that the weight loss effect of swimming is as good as that of running on the treadmill, and if you choose the right swimming posture and intensity, swimming can lose weight more than running. Take swimming for 10 minutes as an example, breaststroke can burn 60 calories, backstroke can burn 80 calories, freestyle can consume 100 calories, and butterfly can burn 150 calories; In contrast, running for 10 minutes only consumes 100 calories. We can see which is better.

3、 Swimming can help relieve stress and depression

Endorphin is a kind of good feeling hormone, which can improve people’s mood. Swimming can effectively stimulate the secretion of endorphin and help people relieve the pressure of daily work and life; In addition, swimming, like yoga, can make people fully relax their bodies. If it is combined with regular deep breathing, the effect will be better. At the same time, swimming can make people calm down, eliminate external interference, and become more focused, which naturally reduces people’s tension and depression. And related studies confirm that swimming can also help restore brain function damaged by stress through a process called hippocampal nerve regeneration. So, if one day you feel out of shape, you might as well put on your swimsuit and jump into the pool to release your emotions!

4、 Swimming can make people smart

Yes, sports can improve people’s mental state, but can swimming really make people smarter? In this regard, researchers from Australia studied a group of children who participated in swimming training courses, and took another group of children who did not learn swimming as the control group. The results showed that the children who often swim are faster and better than the control group in mastering language, learning cycling, building self-confidence and physical development. In addition, due to the need to repeatedly calculate the distance of swimming, so people who often swim in arithmetic is also better!

5、 Swimming can shape muscle lines and strengthen muscle strength

People can strengthen their muscles by swimming. Running can improve the strength of people’s legs, and swimming requires the coordination of muscles in all parts of the body, so it can make the muscles of the whole body get exercise. The basic movements of swimming make every muscle of the whole body high, which not only enhance the strength, but also avoid the adverse effects of uneven muscles caused by the movement of instruments.

6、 Swimming can improve bone mass

Once upon a time, many people scoffed at the idea that swimming can improve bone mass. It seems that only weight training can achieve this goal. However, a study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology supports this view. Because there are some ethical disputes about direct bone examination of human body, the researchers used mice as research objects and divided them into three groups: running group, swimming group and control group (no exercise). Research shows that running is the best way to improve bone mineral density, while compared with the control group, the swimming group does better in terms of bone mineral density and thigh bone weight. Thus, if you want to have healthier bones, swim!

7、 Swimming reduces the risk of inflammation

As we all know, swimming helps to enhance myocardial function and improve cardiovascular health, and relevant studies further confirm that aerobic exercise such as swimming can help reduce the risk of inflammation, so as to prevent heart atherosclerosis and other diseases caused by it. In addition, reducing the risk of inflammation throughout the system can alleviate the progression of many other diseases, with many benefits.

8、 Swimming can relieve exercise-induced asthma

There’s nothing sadder than dyspnea during exercise! Compared with exercising in a gym with dry air or outdoors with pollen, people can breathe moist air and improve their respiratory function when swimming. Studies have confirmed that swimming can not only relieve the symptoms of asthma, but also fundamentally improve the health of the lungs. The most typical example is park Tae Hwan, a famous swimmer in South Korea. He suffered from asthma when he was a child, and then his parents asked him to practice swimming to help relieve symptoms. As a result, not only did his asthma disappear, but also he became an Olympic champion. It’s killing two birds with one stone. Manjia endless pools is worth having!

9、 Swimming can prolong life

Everyone knows that exercise can improve health and prolong life, but research further confirms that swimming is the best in both aspects. Researchers at the University of Southern California followed 40 547 men aged 20-90 for 32 years and found that men with swimming habits had a nearly half lower mortality rate than men who ran, walked or did not exercise much. It can be seen that if you want to live a long life, swimming is definitely a good recipe!