What are we thinking while swimming? This is an interesting topic

It is often said that swimming is the loneliest sport in the world.
A person in the water, the whole world is very quiet, only water and you.
Unlike running together, and unlike the tacit cooperation of ball games, swimming is only your own sport.
Many people indulge in this, enjoy their time alone in the water, relax the pressure of a day’s work and exercise at the same time.
So, when we are swimming, what are we thinking about?
This is a very interesting topic. Let’s see if there are any of your peers!

The Party of several circles

“I’m going to swim it 20 laps in the water today!”
One… Two… Three
“Well? How many laps now? Fifth or sixth
“Forget it, six laps.”
Seven… Eight… Nine

“What lap is this? I think, like 12 laps? Or 13 laps? ”
Keep going for a few laps
“Is it over? Lap 19 or lap 20? Should we finish swimming? ”
“Come on, that’s it for today. Get the water up!”

Meditate on the party

“On the vast sea…”
“The water caresses the body… Stretches… Comfortable…”
“I’m sublimating my soul… Floating…”


Singer party

“Yo Ho, swim in the water”
“My God, the water is so cold, the snowflakes are floating and the north wind is blowing”
Freestyle extended Swim: “I send you away ~ thousands of miles away ~ you silent black and white ~”

Backstroke: “come on, have a good time, anyway”
Butterfly: “Hey! Hey! Pull the radish! Hey! Hey! I can’t swim
“Thank you for coming to my concert. See you next time!”

Technology party

“When I get into the water, I must pay attention to the technical movements, eh! I’m going to go over it again, put the kicker back, hold the water with high elbow in freestyle
“Mom, the water is so cold. Swim quickly. It won’t be cold after a while.”
“Do I have any breaststroke legs?”
“Come on, start freestyle, kick, whiplash, whiplash, whiplash, do I whiplash?”

“Rowing, lifting the elbow and moving the arm. Yes, we should pay attention to lifting the elbow. I don’t know if it’s enough?”
“Did you hold the water with high elbows? Why don’t you feel like you’re in the water? ”
“The coach said to push straight, push straight hand, I feel I push straight.”
“I feel that I have made progress today, and I will continue tomorrow! Hold push… Hold push… ”

Competitive party

“Come on! Go into the water for a while. ”
“Oh, my little brother is very fast. Look at me! Freestyle anti super
“Oh, how dare you surpass me? Come on! Fight it out
“The guys in front are so slow. Can you change the way? Don’t get in my way.”

“Who can’t do butterfly? I can swim faster than all at once?”
“Let my speed teach you how to be a man! Ha ha ha
“OK, it’s almost a second kill today. How about flying fish?”

Slimming party

“I ate a lot last night, and I had a good meal at noon today. I need to swim more and consume it.”
“I don’t feel tired, I can’t! I’m going to swim faster, or I won’t be able to use up fat. ”

“I’m so tired, insist! I can be thin
“I want to be thin, I want to be thin, I want to be thin…”
“Mom, I’m so tired. I guess I’ve consumed almost all of it today. I’ve lost weight successfully! Water up
“I’m too tired. I’ll have something to eat later…”

Flaunting party

“Coming! This fish pond belongs to me. Let me have a cool dive first

Lifeguard: “that little brother, yes, it’s you. Don’t you see the sign next to it? No diving! I think you’re ready to try? ”
“It’s annoying. Don’t let me dive. Forget it.”
“The old frog beside me is very healthy. Come on, I’ll show you a wave frog!”
“My breaststroke is so cool. I feel like an Olympic athlete. I’m Adam Pitty!”
“Mom, that man’s dog plane is really ugly. Come on, I’ll show you who is the king of this swimming pool!”
“My stretch and beautiful freestyle”
“Eh, there is an equipment on the shore. It looks like a professional thief is going to enter the water. Well, it must be the equipment party. Let’s see what the great God is
“My butterfly stroke, should be able to establish my dominant position?”

“Ah, no fun, no opponent, the master is always so lonely, don’t swim, water, tomorrow let you worship.”

Drama elite party

“Here comes your Phelps!”

“Now it’s the 100m breaststroke final. I’m so nervous. I’m only one step away from the champion! Wash the duck
“The lane next door is ahead of me! It’s over! I’m going to miss the champion! I’ve been working hard for many years, but I’m not good at it. ”
“Well, swimmers who don’t want to be actors are not good directors.”