What should we pay attention to in swimming? How to do it?

Before swimming
1. The first thing to pay attention to in swimming is safety. When people are swimming, they must choose the relatively professional natatorium to ensure that there are professional lifeguards nearby, and the water depth standard of the natatorium should also be qualified.

2. When swimming, we must pay attention to keep a state that is neither empty nor full. If you swim when you are too full or too hungry, you are more likely to have problems.
3. Do a good warm-up activity. Warm up before swimming is very important, everyone can’t despise it. If you don’t do a good warm-up before swimming, it’s easy to have some cramps after going into the water. After an underwater cramp, it’s easy to drown.

4. Wear the necessary equipment. For example, swimming cap, swimming glasses and so on are all necessary swimming equipment. Especially for some new swimmers, it’s better to have all the equipment ready to provide better security.
After swimming
1. Don’t forget to brush your teeth and gargle. When people swim, the water often enters the mouth, and some bacteria also follow. If you don’t clean your mouth after swimming and then eat, these bacteria will enter the gastrointestinal tract, and children with poor resistance are more likely to become victims.
2. Wash the skin carefully. After swimming, bacteria are easy to remain on the skin. In addition, chlorine agents are commonly used in swimming pools for disinfection, which can easily stimulate the skin. Therefore, it is best to take a serious bath with nourishing bath liquid after swimming. In addition, we also need to pay attention to the best moisturizing lotion after bath.
3. Don’t wash your hair too hastily. After the hair is soaked, it is easy to harbor germs, and the chlorine agent in the pool water will directly damage the hair dryness, leading to dry and yellow hair, so you must wash your hair carefully after swimming, and it is best to use conditioner to strengthen protection. Some people don’t use shampoo after swimming. They just use hot water to wash their hair casually or simply dry their hair with a towel. In this way, bacteria will remain. If the scalp is damaged, the wound will be easily polluted.
4. Massage and rest. After swimming, do some relaxation exercises and body massage or take a rest in the sun for 15-20 minutes to avoid muscle stiffness and fatigue.